For 19 years, I have helped growing businesses of all sizes recruit permanent software developers, IT professionals and other technical staff within Oxfordshire, Thames Valley, Berkshire and London.

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Everybody has their ‘thing’. Mine is people.

I realised during the start of my career (working on mainframe computers as an operator) that behind the scenes wasn’t really me.

So I eventually negotiated my way into a new role at the forefront of the business. It required a whole new set of skills that were within me but untapped.

My task was to set up a new in-house department to drive better customer service and uphold my employers’ image of outstanding customer care.


I was working face-to-face with people solving business challenges, negotiating, communicating and improving customer experiences.

I loved it – I was finally exercising my natural people skills and I flourished.

After 2 years, I moved to a sharp-end retail environment managing after-sales care for the largest independent BMW dealership in the UK.

Customer service was huge here. It was a client-facing, fast-moving and demanding environment I relished because it played to my strengths. My team won numerous customer service awards during this time.

I was then headhunted into sales, first for BMW and then Mercedes-Benz in one of the most prestigious dealerships in the country.

My client facing after-sales experience was gold in these roles and I thrived, again winning awards for top performance.

My time working in the motor trade industry taught me a vast amount about business urgency, negotiation and most importantly client service. But after a while, I knew I could achieve more.

So I started a new career in IT recruitment which I thought would dovetail my skills quite nicely.

I was right!

Within two years working as a junior recruiter for an IT recruitment agency, I was producing 85% of the business’ turnover.

It seemed like a natural next step to set up my own recruitment consultancy for IT and software professionals in Thames Valley.

In January 2002, Tindall Resourcing was born.

My mission was to provide expert and focussed IT and software development recruitment consultancy (with the emphasis on service) in Oxfordshire, Berkshire, Thames Valley and London.

To date, I have been helping small and large businesses recruit IT professionals from software developers, business analysts, technical consultants, DevOps engineers and everything in between.

I retain the same passion, tenacity and desire to deliver an outstanding service as I had on day one.

My huge amount of experience and vast network means I can give you unparalleled IT recruitment support, consultancy and knowledge.


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