Recruitment Fees – Are You Getting Good Value for Your Investment?

After almost 20 years in recruitment, I am well aware that our industry is regarded by many as expensive and a “necessary evil”.

I get that. The new executive starts, you pay a hefty sum and just when they appear to be bedding in nicely, they leave. It feels like throwing money away and why wouldn’t it!

Rebate schemes or offers of replacement candidates do exist. But because of the large fee already paid and administration hassle of getting a refund, you’re left with a nasty taste in your mouth.

Let’s take a look at more accommodating recruitment fee models and how to ensure you always get what you pay for.

Pay in Tranches

With flexible payment terms for recruitment services, you have more control over your investment and more peace of mind parting with the company’s’ money.

For me, it’s paramount that my clients feel they are getting value for money. If they do, they’ll use my services again. Simples.

I offer a flexible, staggered payment option where the fee is paid over a number of months (assuming the candidate stays in the job!).

This is not a clever “smoke and mirrors” ploy.

The client will pay the same in the long run but won’t be expected to part with any money until they can see they are getting value for money. That way you ensure the candidate is working out how you expected.

A rebate scheme is still applied to help recoup any financial loss should they leave prematurely.

I am flexible. I can set my own fee structures to ensure you get value for your investment.

In the long run, this flexible fee structure builds trust between business and recruiter and helps you save more time and money – let’s look at why in more detail.

Motivated to Get it Right

With the aforementioned staggered payment scheme, the onus is on Tindall Resourcing to get it right.

Otherwise, I sabotage valuable client relationships and don’t get paid.

This crucial aspect (amongst others!) drives me to work diligently and accurately in understanding your company’s unique:

  • Structure
  • Culture
  • Ethos
  • Values
  • Needs
  • Employees

The end result – you receive committed individuals with the right skills who fit in perfectly with your company culture and ethos.

When you can trust a recruiter to consistently deliver, it will make the headache of acquiring new people more bearable. You gain a reliable business ally who ‘gets you’ and knows how to mould their services around your business’ unique hiring requirements.

In the long run, you save an awful lot of time and money.

Recruitment Fees – What Have We Learnt?

Work with a recruiter who offers customised payment schemes and you can:

  • Stagger your payments for recruitment services
  • Take more control over your investment
  • Rest assured they are committed to finding the best people
  • Gain a business ally you can trust to consistently deliver
  • Get a percentage of your fee back for failed hires

An experienced professional who offers you flexible payment options and a rebate scheme will help you save money and get brilliant results.

If you have any questions regarding alternative payment schemes or rebate options, I’d be delighted to help you. Call me on 01491 577009 for a friendly chat or email me at

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