For 19 years, I have helped growing businesses of all sizes recruit permanent software developers, IT professionals and other technical staff within Oxfordshire, Thames Valley, Berkshire and London

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Hassle free, personalised, intuitive, tried and tested – that’s my process. I take a friendly, focused and commercially urgent approach that produces brilliant results.Having a fixed plan for your technical recruitment support gives us clear objectives and deadlines. It helps me stay accountable and keeps things transparent. It ensures that your job vacancy is filled on time and with a high-quality candidate.

Here’s how I work with new clients, step-by-step:

Barry Tindall


Pre-assignment Consultation & Fact Finding

I take care to understand precisely your vacancy requirement. I also familiarise myself with the company, it’s history, personnel, culture and ethos before starting your recruitment campaign.


Recruitment Campaign: Advertising, Searching & Networking

Drawing on my specialist commercial experience, I create a comprehensive and bespoke advertising, searching and networking campaign to attract suitably-qualified candidates.


Candidate Interview Screening

I then conduct focused candidate interviews designed to dig deeper. If a candidate does not possess the requisite technical and interpersonal “soft” skills pertinent to your requirement, I will not submit them.


Candidate Submission & Report to Client

Post interview, I submit an objective report with the candidate’s CV, highlighting relevant information to help you make a balanced and easier judgement on suitability. Saving you lots of time.


Client and Candidate Facilitation & Negotiation

I ensure the candidates selected for interview arrive prepared and informed. I also fully manage job offer negotiations and any pre-start information the candidate may require, saving you lots of hassle.

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